Advanced Survival Skills Camp (18+)

Primitive advanced survival skills: backpacking, pioneer living, disaster preparedness, living off the grid, etc.  This program focuses on the psychology of the survival ordeal or lost person situation.  For adults 18+.

A 7 day wilderness adventure including 2 days at our Kargus Lake cabin site

Topics include:

  • Backpacking / camping
  • advanced shelter construction
  • primitive / advanced survival skills
  • GPS and orienteering
  • foraging for food
  • equipment
  • panic avoidance and crisis management

Program Highlights:

  • 2 days / nights at the cabin site
  • 2 days backpacking and campouts
  • 2 days survival simulation experience
  • meal provisions
  • survival manual / DVD
  • certification
  • outfitting if needed

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Kargus Lake Wilderness Experience Camp for Teens

"Survival Skills, Outdoor Adventure and Challenge"

Located at the WSC Survival School's scenic / rustic 334-acre wilderness lodge in historic Quaderville / Palmer Rapids region northeast of Bancroft

5 days of Outdoor Adventures, Real Wilderness, Fun, Personal Growth and Team Building!

Program Highlights:

  • Backpacking Out-Trip to Kargus Mountain, 1 night
  • Survival Skills and 1 night in a lean-to
  • Base Camping at Rustic Cabins, 1 night
  • Remote tenting night at Second Kargus Lake Crown Lands site
  • Nature Lore and Environmental Awareness
  • Camp Fire Cookouts
  • Orienteering and GPS adventure

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Olympia Sports Camp Survival Camp

An introduction to outdoor survival skills for teens aged 14 - 18.  Campers will learn about:

  • Survival Skills 101 survival preparedness
  • Camping skills
  • Bug-out kits
  • Survival game plan - plane crash "case study"
  • Hiking for wild edibles and medicinal plants
  • Emergency shelter building
  • Fire construction by flint, fire by friction and batteries

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