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This program is for individuals seeking to participate in the actual construction of a log dwelling from the ground up. On completion, the participant will have acquired basic log construction skills and should be able to successfully build a quality square timber, chinked log shell structure.


To enable participants to use the skills learned in the Level 1 Program.


A wide range of skills in the art of log cabin building will be observed and/or practised, including:

  • laying out bunks to simulate a sub-floor
  • use of hand-plane, chisel, carpenter's square, level, drawknife, and various other hand tools
  • basic square timber dovetail joinery including
    • layout out notches
    • cutting notches
    • chiselling and hand-planing notches
  • drawknifing
  • setting logs
  • laying out doors and windows
  • trimming edges
  • setting timber floor joists


  • normally 4 or 5 consecutive weekends in the summer; sometimes an opportunity arises to also build during the week.

This Program is offered from time to time when an opportunity arises. Advise your instructor if you wish to be notified.

At present, in 2002, experience an exciting 5 full days over 3 weekends in August to October constructing a 20' x 20' squared-timber, dovetail-notch, log shell structure.

Tools and manuals will be available for sale at the orientation session. A videotape of this project will be available ($25.00) at the conclusion of the program.

Click here for infomation about our Log Cabin Consulting offering.


Course fee: $295.00 includes the orientation session, and either A or B of the sessions shown below.
Includes campsite/outfitting, use of tools and equipment, and all instruction.
A meal /motel /accommodation package is available at your expense.

For further information or to request a registration form,
please contact the instructor, Stefan Myers. Click here

Not offered this semester, but available on request



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