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SET YOUR COMPASS ( - to the tune of ‘Jingle Bells’)

East and west, south and north
Onward we’ll go forth
Hills or fences, we don’t care
As long as we get there

First lay your compass flat, right down upon the map
And set your arrow so, the general way you’ll go
Now edge the compass plate along the route you’ll take
And if you want you’ll draw a line, it’s easier to find

Rotate your bezel so, north to the top does go
Fine tuning you must do, the gridlines must be true
Your compass you may lift, and declination fix
And now you’re set to start your hike. Pack up and set your sights

Go to your starting spot.You must be on the dot
Then hold your compass ready; yeah, really nice and steady
Yourself turn back and forth, your needle must point north
Look up your arrow; pick your place, and carry on your pace

©Karl Euler
October 1999 (This document may be freely distributed and reproduced for educational, non-profit, or non-commercial purposes only.)



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