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The Navigation & GPS course deals with:
- map reading fundamentals, with an emphasis on topographical maps
- using the orienteering compass 
- navigating using GPS

- wilderness navigation by land and water.

The format of the program may vary based on the site or vendor.


To be able to navigate with a GPS unit, or map and compass.


  • map and compass basics
  • GPS basics
  • declination
  • reciprocals
  • triangulating
  • aerial photos


  • evening sessions, or a Saturday session, plus a one-day field trip.


  • Course manual available at first session, $3.00.
  • Click here to view the Compass Setup Song.


Start_Date Site / Vendor Classes Outing_days Outing_dates
2017-May-25 Humber College 11 1 May 27
2017-Mar-21 Humber College 3 1 Apr 08
2016-Nov-10 Humber College 1 1 Nov 12
2016-Nov-01 Humber College 3 1 Nov 19
2016-Jun-04 WagJag (Hilton Falls, Milton) 0 1 Jun 4
2016-May-19 Humber College 2 1 Jun 04
2015-Nov-05 Humber College 3 1 Nov  21



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