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Since 1993

We have numerous further missions and purposes, including the following:

To promote safety.
Of all the items listed below, none is useful if performed in a manner which endangers or jeopardizes a person's well-being. Safety is a primary concern and goal in all of our activities.

To educate.
We offer a broad scope of programs to provide the knowledge, skills, and tools pertinent to survival, to the enjoyment of the great outdoors, and to the confidence and peace of mind of knowing what to do when a need arises.

To encourage enjoyment and adventure.
On the lighter side, why do we journey into the wilderness? Because it's a great place to be! It takes us back to our cultural roots, provides challenge, opportunity for growth, and a wholesome refreshing break from our urban routines.

To develop team-building skills.
The value of the dynamic energy of group efforts is unchallenged and well understood. Our team-oriented programs and adventures benefit many groups of all ages, and staff at all levels of numerous corporations.

To enhance our health physically and spiritually.
For hundreds of years, a trek through the woods has been, and remains, a great way to keep fit and re-kindle one's spirit. We provide many opportunities for a variety of healthy and invigorating activities in the outdoors, and hope that you will join us!

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