Fall / Winter Survival & Safety Tips

As summer comes to an end, outdoor ‎enthusiasts begin planning for fall and winter activities, including hunting, fishing, atv’ing, and sledding. The transition from summer to fall, and fall to winter, can result in severe weather changes.  These changes can threatening the unprepared outdoorsmen.
Pay attention to updated weather alerts, and radar/satellite data. Know when to seek shelter, and dress for nasty conditions.
Every year, there are preventable fatalities in the great outdoors‎. The onset of transitional weather can catch folks off guard, unprepared for cold and wet conditions. It generally takes a few days to become acclimatized from the warm summer climate, to freezing dampness.
For fall and winter, dress for wet and cold ‎conditions, with the following concepts in mind:
  • Layering
    • Wicking or Base Layer
    • Warmth or Insulative Layer
    • Waterproof and Windproof, or Outer Shell
  • Loose Fitting
  • Lightweight
  • Lid
Excellent materials for Wicking and staying dry,  include Merino Wool, Polar Fleece, and ‎Polypropylene. For warmth, Woolen and Fleece, Thinsulate and Polar guard,
Thermaloft ‎ and Hollofill, are very good. Avoid cotton and down fill. Since both are useless if wet.
Remember, functionality is more important than fashion.
For hunting, wear Hunter Orange and visible colours.
Construct and carry a survival kit on your person at all times when heading out into the bush, including the following basic necessities.  Items can be easily found on Amazon or from other vendors.
water purification tablets, tin can for boiling
-cell phone, tracking device, eg. In-Reach or SPOT
If sledding or atv’ing across frozen bodies of water, Please have a flotation device, ice picks, and a throw rope.
When travelling in winter conditions, have the following, at minimum, Survival Gear in your vehicle:
-sub zero ‎sleeping bags
-wool blankets
-warm clothing, wool hat and socks
-high energy foods, eg. granola bars‎, trail mix
-water supplies
-bag of sand
-emergency battery booster
-gas line anti freeze
-cell phone booster amplifier
-road flares
-emergency roadside service plan
Leave an emergency trip plan behind just in case.‎ Be safe, stay sober, and go out and enjoy the breathtaking fall colours and winter wonderland scenery!